A gift poem

I’d been remembering how my grandmother used to write sweet and silly little poems to go with hand made gifts. Being relatively poor, gifts that she sewed or baked or otherwise crafted were often given to friends. Of course, the poems had all gone away and I so wished I had just one. 

Yesterday, I was cleaning out an old wooden toy trunk from my childhood. Among accessories for my grandma’s old treadle sewing machine, I found this and immediately recognized her handwriting. It must have been the rough draft of a poem to go with some sort of soapy sewn gift. 

I am so pleased to have found this precious treasure. 

Grandma’s Recipe Box: Pie

My grandmother was renowned for her light and fluffy pie crust.  I wonder if she used this recipe:


Raisin Cream Pie. I know I would not have liked this one.
Cream Pie
Chocolate Pie
Lemon Pie …fine!
Rhubarb Pie
Washington Cream Pie
Cox’s Pumpkin Pie (possibly from as far back as her 20s when she was married to “Papa” Cox.

She also made a wonderful apple pie which she always served with a slice of cheddar cheese.